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Our mission is to replace hate with hope by posting positive, kind and funny messages throughout the UK in places like billboards, bus stops, newspapers, social media.

Britain has always been home to people from all around the world. We can’t solve every problem, but we hope our messages will raise a smile and spread positive feelings instead of discord.


Join us and help make the world a better place. CAREmongers is run by volunteers and donations. Get in touch to offer your skills or donate towards the cost of our next poster campaign. Anything you can give will make a difference. 


We are appalled by recent events that have created division where there should be vision. As ordinary members of the public we felt powerless, and wanted to do something to help – and fast.


We thought about what we could do, and realised that the small action of showing that we care could touch the lives of thousands of people.


That’s why we created CAREmongers as a non-profit movement with the sole purpose of spreading kindness and making people smile.


CAREmongers is supported by like minded people who would like to see more positivity in the world. There are a number of ways you can help:


SPREAD THE WORD: Please re-tweet our messages, photograph the posters and spread on social media, and above all think of ways to be nice to people and let them know you care.


VOLUNTEER: Do you have skills of design and writing to help us create the messages?


DONATE: Can you afford to donate on our crowdfunding site to pay for posters and press ads? Anything you can give will make a difference. 


The CAREmongering movement was started by Jon Richards with the help of brother Paul and friend Dan. It came about after the turbulent political events following the EU Referendum on 24th June 2016, and the rise in hatred that appeared on the streets.


Jon, Paul and Dan all felt this was the very opposite of how they feel, and wanted to find a practical way to disassociate themselves from the racism and bigotry. Jon is a graphic designer and realised he could use his skills to offer an antidote to violence and abuse and spread peace, love and kindness. 

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